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Transportation of oversized cargo here is the optimal logistics

Transportation of oversized cargo requires special knowledge, skills, technical means in the process of its execution. All this is necessary in order to ensure that the transportation is carried out as safely as possible, in accordance with the legislation in this regard. Not in all cases, what is required to transport, has a large size, and at the same time and proportional to the size of the mass. In these cases, they say that it is oversized, but heavy cargo. There are certain proportions, according to which carried out transportation of oversized cargo and to which this classification applies. Thus, the oversized cargo has a width of 2.55 m, a height of more than four meters, a length of twenty meters and a weight of not less than thirty-eight tons. Not always what you need to deliver to a certain place, can be disassembled in parts, and then transported. Most trucks are built to certain standards. Because of this, they will not technically be able to carry something that weighs more than twenty tons, a length of more than thirteen meters. The height is also limited to three meters.

Why it is better to order transportation of oversized cargo in Optimal Logistic

As you can see, transportation of oversized cargo by land is quite possible, but it requires the services of qualified specialists. And at this stage it is better not to save. Our company Optimal Logistic is working long enough to say that we have experience in logistics. Our services for the delivery and transportation of goods, you can use on the territory of Ukraine, Central Asia and Europe.