Calculating the cost of cargo transportation

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Calculation of cargo transportation cost

Why is it necessary to calculate the cost of transportation of goods by road? Before moving on to transportation, the question arises how much it will cost. A calculator was developed for this purpose. With it, you can find out the price of delivery before its registration. You will only need to specify the location of shipment and acceptance of the goods, as well as its dimensions.

How to calculate the cost of shipping by Optimal Logistic

1. For the preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation You will need to specify:

  • contacts (contact person, company name, phone, E-mail);
  • transportation information (point of departure and destination, date of loading);
  • additional information (weight, length, width, height).

2. Click Submit. After that, our specialist will call you back and tell you about the delivery options. Namely, the approximate distance, delivery time, the approximate price and so on.

Pay attention!

Delivery is made by optimal logistics company, specializing in oversized and heavy cargo, 2.55 m wide, 20 m long, 4 m high, weighing more than 38 tons.

To see the full list of features You can see on the website:

Our company provides its services exclusively on the territory of Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia.

To order delivery, you can contact our specialists by calling the specified numbers or order a call through the online assistant. Calculation of the cost of transportation of goods on our website at Your service!

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