International transportation of oversized

International transportation of oversized

Transport company Optimal Logistic provides international oversized transportation in Central Asia, Europe, Ukraine. Service is carried out quickly and at an affordable price.

international oversized transport: order and features

Our company provides oversized international transportation of goods with large volumes, increased weight or shifted center of gravity.N-Standard characteristics of the object of transportation cause a significant complication in its delivery to the destination. Therefore, these services are entrusted only to professional qualified employees with specialized profile, as well as extensive experience in this field.Logistics Specialists working in Optimal Logistic company show professionalism, experience, skill, accuracy at any stage of order execution.Optimal Logistic Company carries out international transportation of oversized cargo, more than 16 m long, more than 4 m wide, more than 2.5 m high. It can be:

  • special equipment and special vehicles;
  • ultra-complex installations (huge parts for aggregates, reinforced concrete beams, metal tanks, pipes, etc.);
  • road, railway and construction equipment;
  • water transport;
  • agricultural special equipment (seeders, fans, tractors, etc.).

Preparation for transportation of oversized cargo

To ensure that the international transportation of oversized cargo is successful, without problems or complications, our staff is conducting a phased training.Preparatory work

  • site survey by experts;
  • determination of group membership, measurement of parameters;
  • development (if necessary) of special methods for fixing the equipment;
  • selection of the best method for transportation;
  • selection of the necessary vehicles that meet the size and technical characteristics of the transported object;
  • working out of the rational route of movement, not having too narrow routes, dilapidated bridges or water barriers.

The preparation of international transport includes the preparation of the required documents by our staff, namely

  1. Development of technological processes of loading and unloading operations.
  2. Preparation of a package of documentation, permits, corresponding to the specifics of the object, the peculiarities of the country, as well as the proposed route.
  3. Preparation of customs documents.

International transportation of oversized cargo is the most difficult type of transport services. Safety guarantees & ndash; is a very important factor in the implementation of any transportation.

company Services

Optimal Logistic, which provides oversized international transportation, has been working for more than 10 years, ensuring the safety of any object, as well as providing guarantees of safety on the road.For the delivery of large items and massive equipment, drivers with the necessary professionalism and experience are involved. All vehicles of the company Optimal Logistic pass special control, allowing you to fully secure transportation.We Deliver cargo to the countries of the former Union, to European countries, Asia. Calculation of the cost of transportation is made taking into account the volume of cargo, the need for special vehicles for loading and distance to the destination.You can Order international oversized transportation in Optimal Logistic on the website by contacting the Manager.

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