Oversized shipments

Oversized shipments

The weight and size of the load is not critical for the company “Optimal Logistic”. The specifics of the enterprise’s activity are based on the delivery of machines, mechanisms, component parts, technical devices, or machines of non-standard geometric dimensions and mass. The specificity of goods of unusual dimensions is unique, oversized transportation is carried out by special equipment, selected according to individual indicators of cargo.

Types of oversized traffic

Non-standard products are distinguished by several features:

  • Large object with dimensions exceeding the parameters of the platform of transport;
  • Lengthy goods that exceed the length of the platform over 2 meters;
  • A heavy object with a mass exerting pressure on the axle of a trailer train that exceeds the indicators of regulatory documents.

Urgent and planned oversized transportation at a reasonable price from Kiev throughout the journey, which can be ordered through the website https://optimal-logistic.com/, are tracked along the entire route of movement. Transportation of oversized cargo to European countries, in Ukraine or Asia requires the company “Optimal Logistic” to comply with specific requirements that affect not only the rating of the company. The main task of the organization is to deliver products within a specified time, without damage. All oversized goods recorded in the company’s magazine are insured on a mandatory basis before transportation.

For oversized transportation can be ordered:

  • Tractor, bulldozer, crane, drilling rig, grader, crusher, road roller;
  • Transformer, compressor, capacity, press, rolling mill, metalworking machines;
  • Change house, pavilion, house construction;
  • Drill, pipes, masts, towers, turbines;
  • Boards, logs, slats.

The complex types of inexpensive transportation of oversized cargo include “project” cargoes, the movement of which on a public road is prohibited. In addition to compliance with safety rules, the logistician needs to develop an individual route for transportation of oversized cargo, a way to travel across the bridge and under a ramp, and a timetable. The work plan is drawn up taking into account restrictions on the height and width of the object being moved, as well as the requirements of the countries of Europe and the CIS.

Requirements of the legislation of Ukraine to oversized transport

The requirements of the Law of Ukraine provide for oversized transportation of goods of non-standard sizes, if the following conditions are met:

  • Oversize should not limit the field of view of the driver, close the parking lights and headlights;
  • Oversize does not reduce the degree of stability of the vehicle, does not interfere with its handling;
  • Not oversized cargo does not interfere with the driver to comfortably respond to non-standard situations during the movement and the signals of the traffic police inspector;
  • Transported oversize should not threaten the health or life of participants in the movement.

When planning oversized transportation in Ukraine, the chief mechanic of the Optimal Logistic company carries out a full check of the mechanisms and units of the car, fastening elements for oversized cargo, a set of spare parts, and consumables. A forwarder is appointed as an escort to assist the driver for the transport of oversized cargo.

Oversized transportations are most often carried out by special type special vehicles: gun carriages, trawls, tow trucks, platforms with a trailer. The price of the service is determined by the complexity of the order.

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