Transportation of tanks

Transport of cisterns (boilers) http://optimal-logistic.comSince the main activity profile of Optimal Logistic is the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, it should be mentioned and such a variety as the tank.

Features of tank transport

Although these large-capacity containers are rather simply bulky and oversized cargo, rather than heavy ones, however, the transportation of tanks has its own characteristics. In particular, goods of this kind are transported in empty form on a semi-trailer specially adapted for this purpose with a low frame and a front run called a trawl. Due to this, it takes much less time to load it than using other types of semi-trailers. Advantages of Optimal Logistic services:

  • Low cost.
  • Professional managers and drivers with great experience.
  • Low-bed semi-trailer, specially adapted for transportation of oversized.
  • Reliable fasteners for semi-trailers from the best manufacturers.
  • Transportation of the tank is performed as soon as possible.

Geography of work

Optimal Logistic is engaged in delivery not only across the territory of Ukraine, but also across Europe and the countries of Central Asia. At the same time, the cost of services is very low, and, therefore, is available to all potential customers. In order to get a full calculation of the cost, as well as the time of delivery to the destination, you can contact the manager who will answer any question regarding the transportation of tanks, and quickly and clearly place an order. Turning to us, you can not worry about the safety of the cargo, as all drivers have a colossal experience. They know pits and potholes that can meet on the roads of Europe and Central Asia in the process of fulfilling the order.

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