Transportation of road construction equipment

Transportation of road construction equipment

If the construction of a capital object is planned to be carried out at different work sites, in order to save money, it is recommended to arrange the rent for the equipment. Transportation of road construction equipment is possible only with special technical equipment: crane, tractor, platform. Order delivery of special equipment to the place of work is possible in the company “Optimal Logistic”.

Proposals of the company for the transport of road construction equipment

The company “Optimal Logistic” provides services for the international migration of oversized cargo in Ukraine, as well as in Europe and Asia. Road construction equipment is transported by mobile means of different payloads along the safest, shortest route. The movement of special vehicles is tracked by means of navigation from the control panel of the logistician.

Rates for the transportation of road construction equipment

The price of transportation of road machinery is compiled by the following indicators:

  • Type of cargo;
  • Object dimensions;
  • Distance to destination;
  • Route of travel;
  • The type and capacity of the rented car;
  • Terms of employment of special vehicles.

The website of the Optimal Logistic company has a list of service offers from professional logisticians in Kiev. The company carries out cheap freight:

  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Industrial machine tools;
  • Industrial machines;
  • Mechanisms of different profiles;
  • Small sea or river transport;
  • Postazhi non-standard dimensions.

The process of delivery of road construction equipment

Transportation of road construction equipment is carried out according to the rules stipulated by the safety program. Regardless of the type of transport, all units of baggage placed on the platform or in the back of a tractor are firmly and securely fixed with cables, brake shoes, and steel fixing structures.

Properly built delivery program provides a quick response to customer requirements, assistance in the design of invoices and trip tickets. Precautionary measures help to carry out the transportation of road construction equipment in a limited time without damage and accidents.

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