Transport of the cultivator

Transport of the cultivator - http://optimal-logistic.comOur company is engaged in transportation of various construction and economic equipment. We specialize in these services and have a lot of experience. Transportation of cultivators is one of the main activities of

Our advantages

Working with us you can be sure that:

  • Transportation of the cultivator will take place at the agreed time and at the specified address;
  • The cargo will be delivered in the same condition as it was shipped (we guarantee the safety of the transported equipment).

We employ qualified professionals: drivers with many years of experience and experienced logisticians who responsibly relate to the performance of assigned tasks. We will be able to provide the most comfortable conditions for cooperation and calculate the cost of services, depending on the number of transported equipment and the distance of transportation. You can place an order for transportation of cultivators on the site or by contacting us by phone. The geography of transportations is very extensive, Optimal Logistic carries out transportation of cultivators for any distances:

  1. across Ukraine (in different regions of the country);
  2. Europe (we take all the documentary procedures and obtaining the appropriate permits);
  3. Central Asia and other foreign countries.

You can also find out the cost of services by phone or by using the form on the website.

Stages and peculiarities of transportation of cultivators

Thanks to the fleet of semi-trailers, tractors and other special equipment, we guarantee the performance of work on time. It also affects the cost of transportation, we have reasonable prices for services, since we are provided with everything necessary. The process of transporting cultivators consists of several stages:

  • loading (a semi-trailer with a front-end trip allows you to exclude the need for additional costs for ordering cranes for loading, to install a cultivator on such a semitrailer it is enough to use any available loader);
  • fixation of equipment (for fastening technology we use high-quality chains and fasteners, which reliably fix the unit);
  • transportation.

By contacting us you can quickly place an order for these services. Our managers will answer all your questions and discuss all aspects of transportation and its documentation depending on the itinerary.

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