Transportation of the reactor

Transportation of the reactor http://optimal-logistic.comReactors are key elements of power plants. They have a weight from a few tens to hundreds of tons. Therefore, transportation of the reactor is a difficult task. It is important to understand that the transportation of reactors should not pose a threat to the roadbed and the engineering networks laid under it, as well as for other transport, people and buildings.

How does the transportation

Transportation of the reactor takes place in assembled or dismantled form. If the weight of the equipment allows it to be transported by land transport, it is delivered to the destination in the assembled state. But if necessary, separate elements are transported, which are collected at the point of delivery. To transport such loads, powerful tractors with a platform are used. Specialists of our company calculate the specifics of loading operations, removal of the reactor from the platform, its fixation during transportation. In general, the cost of services is calculated on the basis of a number of factors, each of which affects the final price of delivery of the reactor.

How are calculations performed

The cost of services depends on the complexity of the work. After all, the cost of transportation of the reactor includes fuel costs, duties when crossing the border. Optimal Logistic is engaged in the movement of such goods not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe and Central Asia. Therefore, transportation can involve overcoming a long route. Consequently, it is necessary to take into account the availability of toll sections of the highway, bridges and similar engineering structures. Based on the evaluation results, the customer is given a detailed calculation. This is the total amount that will not increase.

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