Transportation of transformers

Transportation of transformers http://optimal-logistic.comTransportation of transformers is a special kind of activity that makes a number of requirements to the carrier. Since this type of cargo is specific, there are three rules that need to be followed. Namely:

  • Ensuring reliable cargo stability. The transformer belongs to expensive equipment, so special attention is paid to this item. A 100% guarantee is required that the cargo will not tip over during transportation.
  • Selecting a route. Managers will analyze the quality of the roadway, the angles of turns and slopes of the route, which will be used to transport the transformer.
  • The choice of transport, equipment and rigging devices, through which all work will be carried out.

Offer from Optimal Logistic

Our company has established itself as a reliable and experienced carrier. Managers in the shortest time will calculate the cost of services, determine the full amount of work and coordinate them with all technical services. The geography of Optimal Logistic is extensive. Transformers in Ukraine, Central Asia, Europe are currently being transported. All it needs to do is to contact the operator, who will discuss with you the details of the future joint work and will suggest the best option for carrying out the assigned task of transporting the transformer.

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