Services for transportation of oversized cargo

Optimal Logistic provides services for transportation of oversized cargo in Europe, Ukraine and Central Asia. Depending on the different needs of each client, we try to offer the most efficient logistics solution that combines the best route and method of transportation. We will help you to deliver within the specified time and at an affordable price. Like other companies for the transportation of oversized cargo, optimal logistics is equipped with modern types of road transport of different capacity, allowing to perform high quality as international and local cargo, within the borders of one state.

Geography of services for transportation and transportation of oversized cargo

We work in the following areas:

  1. Western European countries: the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Britain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, etc;
  2. Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and others;
  3. Northern European States: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Iceland, Lithuania and others;
  4. Southern European countries: Portugal, Greece, Malta, Spain, Italy, Serbia, etc;
  5. Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

For our clients we offer the order of service in transportation:

  • s / g technology;
  • industrial machinery;
  • prom equipment;
  • construction equipment;
  • sea and river transport;
  • other non-standard machinery and equipment.

Benefits of working with Optimal Logistic


  • quality execution of orders by the company;
  • delivery within the specified time (without delay);
  • separate approach to each client and respect for his interests;
  • assistance in preparation of supporting documents;
  • quick response to changes in client’s wishes;
  • tracking the progress of cargo transportation;
  • careful attitude to the cargo.

To find out the preliminary price for services for the transportation of oversized or heavy cargo, you can use the form of cost calculation on our website in the section – To order our services for the transportation of oversized cargo, you can call the numbers (listed in the Contacts section), or request a call back from our managers.

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