The company on transportation of cargoes Optimal Logistic

The company on transportation of cargoes Optimal Logistic

Optimal Logistic is an organization for transportation of oversized, heavy cargo. We provide consultations by phone, e-mail and on the website. Our company is engaged in transportation of goods in Ukraine, Central Asia, Europe. On the web resource you can view information about the services. You can also calculate the cost of transportation and contact our managers, operators, order a free call. Another important advantage is the price. Our company for the transportation of goods prices are lower than those of competitors. You pay only for moving in one direction.

What are the services provided by the company for the carriage of goods of optimal Logistik

The Company specializes in the delivery of heavy and oversized cargo. Transportation of agricultural and construction equipment, sea transport is not a problem with us. We qualitatively carry out the order in the specified terms. While providing a very careful attitude, safety. In addition, you will be able to track the location of Your t/s, equipment, equipment.

What we transport

Optimal logistics transportation Company specializes in the delivery of non-standard cargo. For example, it is not always possible to buy agricultural transport in your city or village. Therefore, we are engaged in the transit of slow and large agricultural transport, which on a normal road simply can not be. Sometimes, the plant needs industrial units or construction equipment, but there are no shops with the necessary equipment. Our company is the best solution for this. We will deliver your purchase from Asia, Europe and Ukraine. Also engaged in transportation of sea transport, as sometimes it has a large size. Because of this, there are difficulties with transportation. In Optimal Logistic working professionals who ensure the safe transfer of Maritime transport.

Why us

Because we have many specialists. Special vehicles designed for delivery of non-standard goods that weigh from 38 tons and a length of more than 30 meters; quality, safety, a separate approach to each client and affordable price. All this-the company for the transportation of goods Optimal Logistic. Address. We will be glad to cooperate!

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