Transportation of a tower crane

Transportation of a tower crane

Tower crane Transportation is a complex mode of transportation. To order such a service is not easy, because not every fleet has cars for such a specific transit. But the Optimal Logistic company copes with this task perfectly and delivers special equipment for construction to all corners of Ukraine and not only.

Main difficulties of transportation of a tower crane

This construction unit, whose weight reaches 30-50 tons and height 30-70 m, is transported assembled. For transit use special machines-tractors with trawls (trailers for the tractor, used for large and heavy loads). In addition, the height of the cargo is regulated, so as not to exceed it, trawls with low-bed platforms are used. All of the above factors affect the complexity of delivery and form the final price of the service.

Transportation of a tower crane on the territory of Ukraine

Such a task would require consideration of many factors, including:

    • congestion of the highways entering the route;
    • the given speed of travel;
    • topographical features of the road (ascents and descents must not exceed acceptable values);
    • availability of railway crossings on the way.

This is not a complete list of factors that affect the calculation of the cost of transportation, but the most important.

Transportation of tower crane with Optimal Logistic – some advantages

Our company is the best in the field of transportation of construction machinery. We carry cargo of our clients on the territory of Ukraine and abroad – to Europe and Central Asia. You can safely entrust the service-transportation of tower crane to the best representative of the industry-Optimal Logistic!

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