Transportation of oversized cargo by road

Transportation of oversized cargo by road

Optimal Logistic Company has been producing transportation of oversized cargo by road for a long time. And earned a lot of positive reviews and characteristics, has gained a solid customer base and an excellent reputation. And it is not surprising, because its purpose is to offer customers the most reliable and convenient delivery options, ensuring the stability and quality of the commitments undertaken.Our company transports:

  • agricultural machinery;
  • industrial, construction machinery;
  • river and sea transport;
  • industrial equipment;
  • other non-standard cargo and equipment.

Why order transportation of oversized cargo by road is the company Optimal Logistic

Transportation can be carried out without any problems, taking into account all the nuances during the process. And we are professionals in this, as we have a huge experience and only the best specialists in our team. We do not have delays, competent logisticians and drivers instantly solve possible difficulties along the way.For successful transportation of oversized cargo it is necessary:

  1. Choose the best route with the possibility of bypassing additional sites, with the presence of points for car maintenance, gas stations.
  2. Use the most appropriate equipment taking into account the characteristics of goods, trailers, tanks.
  3. Warn the driver about the presence of impassable places on the way.
  4. Consider the possibility of natural disasters.
  5. Limit the weight, the size of the load set for a particular vehicle.

We Recommend to order road transportation of oversized cargo from us. You will be happy with our work one hundred percent.We constantly strive

  • execute the order qualitatively;
  • deliver on time;
  • find an individual approach to the client, take into account his interests;
  • respond quickly to changed customer requests;
  • track the progress of cargo transportation;
  • take care of the cargo.

Transport Routes

Road transportation of cargoes of oversized optimal Logistik holds:

  • all over Ukraine;
  • almost all over Europe;
  • for Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc.

Calculation of service costs

Calculate the cost of transportation services is necessary, taking into account the following components:

  • delivery time;
  • availability of special conditions;
  • item type;
  • distance to destination.

taking into account all the nuances formed the price for the service

All details about services and prices can be found by looking at our website. Transportation of oversized cargo by road from optimal logistics & ndash; is a guarantee of availability, timeliness and professionalism!

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