Transportation of tanks

Transportation of tanks

Transportation of tanks – the special service having huge value in the military sphere and applied to maintaining motor potential, repair and delivery of cars in the specified place.The tank belongs to heavy machinery which usually fits into the standard dimensional framework: height – to 3 meters, width – up to 2,55 m. But it is necessary to treat process of transportation rather seriously and will address to professional firm which will be able quickly to execute the work.& of nbsp; Optimal Logistic uses Popularity and excellent recommendations.

Why should order transportation of tanks from Optimal Logistic

Our company has a number of advantages in comparison with competitors, namely:

  • Transportation of tanks is carried out on the cargo platforms equipped with special high-quality appliances. It will secure the fighting vehicle.
  • The road of a trip is planned in advance. To avoid narrow roads, bad asphalt and other troubles.
  • The people having special knowledge, abilities of driving in the distance of settlements are allowed to transportation of military equipment.
  • Transportation is made respectively all laws on this kind of activity.
  • The qualified, informative help.
  • Free consultation, efficiency of personnel.
  • Guarantee of a qualitative service.

Our firm delivers the equipment not only across Ukraine. You can order transportation to Central Asia and Europe, having contacted representatives Optimal Logistik telephone or online the mode.

Calculation of cost of transportation

Even before official transportation you can resolve a price issue on specially created scheme. For this purpose it is necessary to visit the website of the company, to choose – calculation of cost of transportation of goods, to print the following data:

  • where (from where) it is necessary to carry out delivery;
  • number, month of this action;
  • contact information;
  • car sizes.

After execution of all instructions the skilled employee who will provide information consultation at all points will contact you, will help to resolve organizational issues and will sound the price. For all, facing service – transportation of tanks, Optimal Logistic – the excellent choice which will expedite the to the robot, qualitatively, top-level.

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