Transportation of bridge beams

Transportation of bridge beams

The company Optimal Logistic, specializing in the transportation of long and oversized cargo, provides transportation services in the region, Ukraine, to the CIS countries and neighboring countries. Experienced drivers have the skills to travel on roads of varying complexity. The company’s list of services includes transportation of bridge beams, metal and reinforced concrete structures, bridge sections, pipes, construction and agricultural equipment, drilling rigs.

The working moments of the company associated with the transportation of bridge beams

The accumulated experience and high qualification of employees allows the company to carry out orders of varying complexity. In Europe, the carriage of goods is carried out in several stages:

  • Registration of the application, departure of the adviser on base of the client, drawing up a route and the scheme of movement with a mark of bridges, terminators, the high voltage line;
  • Loading, securing, transportation of long beams accompanied by traffic police or a covering machine;
  • Tracking the movement of a vehicle with a long cargo system GLONASS.

The route of the auto platform contains several options for detour in areas with limited weight load. Before sending beams from Kharkov,’s managers draw up the necessary documents, submit a sliding semi-trailer for loading at a specified time, and connect an escort team. If necessary, the trucking company involves in loading a crane, loader or trailer from its own fleet. Cargo protection during transportation is provided by insurance.

The benefits of working with professionals when transporting bridge beams

Delivery of concrete goods, bridge trusses, metal one-piece structures, blocks, building panels or elements of an industrial pipeline requires extensive experience and special transport. Transportation of oversized parts in Europe or Central Asia is strictly controlled by local rules, the violation of which may provoke a conflict between business partners.Transportation of bridge beams or objects of non-standard sizes requires special knowledge of international traffic rules on the autobahn, through populated areas, under bridges spans, bridges. Optimal Logistic employees undergo special training on reading international road signs. Potential customers can secure and timely delivery of the order through the web server or by the manager’s telephone number.

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