Transportation of production lines

Transportation of production lines

Transportation of valuable and non-standard goods requires great professional skills, experience and responsibility. The guarantee of delivery of equipment and goods is an individual approach and responsibility to the client, affordable cost, assistance in the preparation of documents. Transportation of production lines in Europe, as well as Asia, by the logistics company Optimal Logistic, is carried out in accordance with safety requirements.

Transportation of production lines by logistic company

Transportation of goods by the transport company is carried out under the constant control of the dispatcher. All forwarders have a connection with the sender and the recipient, they rent the equipment on the consignment note. All works. Associated with packaging, shipping and shipping are performed at a high level according to the standard of the recipient country.Through the company Optimal Logistic, the client can order the delivery of goods of different classes:

  • Construction equipment;
  • River or sea transport;
  • Agricultural equipment;
  • Industrial machines;
  • Constructions of non-standard dimensions, mass.

A company operating in Kharkiv has vehicles of different payloads in its own fleet, the client’s manager can help pick up a car or a platform for transporting the production line, and the client can independently calculate the cost of the service using an online calculator.

Calculate the cost of transporting the production line

Transportation of production lines is calculated by the geographical location of the end point. In Ukraine, oversized cargo is carried out in a short time, it takes from 7 to 10 days to deliver an order to the countries of Europe or Central Asia. The cost of the service is formed by the following indicators:

  1. Object dimensions;
  2. Time of delivery;
  3. Type of nomenclature;
  4. Individual requirements.

To place an order just fill out the form, get advice from the manager on issues of interest.On the company’s web site there is a sample application form where you need to specify: personal information, cargo data, information about the delivery program. The completed application form is sent to the company email. To confirm the application, you must order a callback.

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