Boat transport

Transportation Optima Logistic Optimal Logistic carries out the transportation of goods (oversized and heavy) across Ukraine, Central Asia and Europe. Transportation of boats is one of the most demanded services in the sphere of transportation. Our campaign carries various types of boats:

    • Walking;
    • fishing;
    • The cabin;
    • cruise ships;
    • high-speed;
    • decked;
    • pathons.;

Transportation cost

Ordering the transportation of the boat, you can calculate the cost of services. To do this, in a special section on the site, fill out some data about yourself, your contacts, information about the cargo and the time frame in which the transport should be delivered. Communication with customers is maintained all the time, so you will not have to wait long. The delivery of the boat by Optimal Logistic is an excellent option to deliver the vessel in safety to a specific location. As for the cost of transportation, it must be specified separately for each situation, it depends on the departure and destination points, on height, width, length, weight and other details. Discuss all the questions on the cost of services for transportation can be with the manager by phone, who explain everything is available and will answer all questions. Transportation of the boats by the company is always on schedule. A guarantee is provided, and applications are considered quickly, so assistance in the transportation of the boat will be provided promptly, and the ship is delivered to any corner in comfort and safety. To contact Optimal Logistic company means saving time and money, the quality of work remains at the highest level.

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