Transportation of boats

Transportation of boats http://optimal-logistic.comThe company Optimal Logistic LLC provides a service of transportation of a boat, a hydrocycle and other types of water transport. The company will help deliver the pleasure boat after purchase or carry out transportation to another location of the dislocation in the shortest possible time. Professional approach, high qualification of the transport company’s specialists allow carrying out transportation across Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia.

Transport of the boat and its features

It is problematic to carry out transportation of a water vessel on its own. For transportation of boats it is necessary to use special trailers for cars (up to 4 meters in length). The trailer must be checked carefully for cutting parts. Transportation of boats is a time-consuming and responsible process, since additional security measures are necessary. To entrust the loading, the delivery of personal property is necessary for professionals using modern, up-to-date equipment.

Making an order and calculating the cost of services

You can order transportation of the boat in Optimal Logistic by phone or by calling back. You will tell the manager your task, the manager, in turn, will calculate the cost of the service, indicate the time of arrival of specialists. You can also place an order for the transportation of the boat through the site.To calculate the cost it is necessary to fill out the input data:

  • Contact Information;
  • information on transportation (points of departure and destination, date of loading);
  • information about the cargo (mass, dimensions, description).

Our company guarantees the performance of its obligations (safety, timely delivery), cherishes its reputation and every customer.

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