Bulldozer transport

Bulldozer transport optimal-logistic.comAt the construction site an important role is played by the availability of certain special equipment. Optimal Logistic has extensive experience in the transportation of bulldozers and other construction equipment. The bulldozer is transported by us at the agreed time at the indicated address and at an affordable price.

Advantages of transportation by Optimal Logistic

We are ready to ensure the transportation of bulldozers not only across Ukraine, but also abroad (we will deliver the equipment to Central Asia or Europe). Among the advantages of working with Optimal Logistic are:

  • Fast registration of the order. Qualified specialists will accept your order and specify all details for the most convenient and fast delivery of the service.
  • Calculation of the cost of services. We will accurately calculate the total cost depending on the dimensions of the equipment and the route.
  • Safety of bulldozer transportation. We have in our specialized platforms – trawls, which are designed specifically for transportation of outboard machines. We guarantee the complete safety of the transported units.
  • Fast delivery. Logists are working on the route depending on traffic on the roads, the presence of bridges and railroad crossings and many other factors to exclude all kinds of force majeure circumstances. Drivers have extensive experience in this field.

Bulldozer transport

No action is required from you, the specialists of our company will do everything themselves. The bulldozer transportation service consists of the following stages:

  1. loading and fastening of equipment on the platform. This is very important, because if improperly fixed, the technician can be damaged, especially during long haulage. On the ladder, the bulldozer rides on the trawl and its position is securely fixed with the help of winches and hooks;
  2. transportation of bulldozers;
  3. unloading (the technique is unfastened and the safety of the parts is checked).

We have been working for a long time in the field of transportation services for special machinery and appreciate our well-deserved good reputation. You can contact us by phone or via e-form at optim-logistic.com.

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