Transportation of construction equipment

Construction can occur in different parts of the same locality. Lifting cranes, if equipped with the ability to move independently, the speed of their movement is appropriate only at the construction site. In this case, transportation of construction equipment will be required in order to deliver the crane to the place of its immediate work.

Construction is a complex and time-consuming process. We do not know how people in ancient Egypt managed to build huge pyramidal structures, but to date, various buildings and structures are created using modern technology. Without the cranes, excavators and machines, the present architecture can not even be imagined.

Cost of transportation services

It all depends on the individual case, but our company guarantees an acceptable price for their work, no matter how complicated your order is. In the final analysis, the price is determined by factors including:

  • Freight distance;
  • Cargo weight.

The essence of the process of transportation of construction equipment

The construction equipment has a large mass and dimensions. In this regard, its transportation requires special skills and safety. Neglecting these requirements may result in equipment damage or accidents. Therefore, transportation of construction equipment should be carried out by professionals in their field.

We have been working in logistics for a long time on the territory of Central Asia and Ukraine. Services of our company are popular in Europe.

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