Transportation of combine harvesters

Transportation of combine harvesters http://optimal-logistic.comTransportation of harvesters by road is the best way to move this equipment over long distances. It is obvious that it is impossible to transport it through Europe, Ukraine or Central Asia. In this case, transportation of the combine will take too much time. Therefore, a trawler is used to transport harvesters and other specialized equipment.

Features of the service

Transportation of combine harvesters in Ukraine requires compliance with special safety standards. For example, the header width can exceed 8 meters. A height of technology often reaches 4, 5 meters and above. Therefore, the movement must comply with international standards. To better understand the specifics of the service, it is necessary to list its main features:

  • It is necessary to use special trailers. On their platform, the combine is securely attached. At the same time it often removes attachments. This greatly facilitates the movement;
  • Drivers of the company are guaranteed to comply with the speed regime. After all, large-sized machinery can only be moved at low speeds to ensure its stability on the platform;
  • The route is carefully calculated. If it includes passage under bridges, crossing railways, then logistics becomes more complicated. It is necessary to calculate the route so that there are no difficulties due to the height and its overall dimensions.

Thus, transportation of harvesters is carried out in compliance with the speed regime, special trailers are used – trawls. This allows you to deliver the goods to the endpoint in safe mode and just in time.

How much does the service cost

Calculation of the cost of services specialists Optimal Logistic is performed taking into account several factors. So, the cost of transportation combines affects fuel consumption, moving on toll roads. At the request of the customer, the route can be built without traveling on toll roads. But in some cases, this is the only and best option.It is important to envisage crossing of state borders, payment of fees and duties. All costs are calculated in advance and the customer is presented with a final price, which will not be increased. However, the cost of the services does not require large-scale expenses on the part of the customer. After all, the company’s logicians will choose the best route, and experienced drivers will ensure the timely delivery of the combine.

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