Oversized transportation

Oversized transportation

In the case of transportation of large-sized facilities and equipment, many facility managers and construction firms are faced with legal restrictions. Optimal logistics company offers large-size transportation in accordance with all rules and regulations.

Features oversize transport and dignity of the company optimal Logistik

There Are certain features of transportation of bulky goods, which include not only the paperwork, but also the need for disassembly/Assembly of equipment, or in a certain mount. When loading may need special equipment in our fleet it is available and available at the right time. Therefore, all work is carried out without delay. Payment is withdrawn only for the transportation of units in one direction.

The benefits of Optimal Logistic

Turning to us, customers receive:

  • preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation (taking into account the distance of the route, the size of the goods, the need for additional services, you will be provided with information about the price of delivery of Your goods in Europe and Central Asia);
  • assistance in documentary coordination (our managers have sufficient experience and follow the update in this area to reduce paperwork, as well as to carry out all the work safely and legally correct);
  • the most favorable prices for services in Ukraine.

You can Order large-size transportation on our website via the feedback form or by phone. If you need advice-contact us. We will be glad to answer all your questions. Call us!

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