Rules of transportation of oversized cargo

Rules of transportation of oversized cargo

When transporting objects of a certain type, many factors should be taken into account, there are rules for the transportation of oversized cargo, which are mandatory. Specialists of our company have been working in this field for a long time and can advise you on all issues concerning this process. The company Optimal Logistic for you will fully calculate the cost of transportation and will carry out transportation in the agreed time.

Rules of transportation of oversized cargo and benefits from Optimal Logistic

Oversized cargo can be of different types, as the objects in their size may not be proportional to the weight (standard parameters are considered to be up to 3 meters in height, no longer than 30 m, and the weight does not exceed 20 tons). If these dimensions are exceeded, it is not in all cases, objects can be disassembled into several parts. In our company, following the rules of transportation of oversized cargo all manipulations will be carried out carefully, quickly and on time.We ship

    • agricultural machinery (combines of different types, tractors, sprayers, seeders, harvesters, harrows);
    • construction and industrial units (cranes, standard cranes, bulldozers, BelAZ, pavers, turbines, crushers, production tanks, boilers, tanks, transformers);
    • sea transport (yachts of various types, boats, submersibles, and boats).

Distinctive advantages of optimal logistics

Contacting us You can be sure that all the procedures and stages of transportation will be carried out in accordance with the legal rules and safety standards. In our company, transportation of oversized cargo rules which are regulated, carried out both in Ukraine and in European countries or Central Asia.Our advantages

    • competitive prices;
    • qualified approach;
    • responding to adjustments from customers;
    • help with registration of certain documents;
    • tracking the movement of objects during transportation.

We appreciate your time and money and comply with all rules of transportation of oversized cargo for fast delivery of objects to the destination in a short time.

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