The cost of transportation of goods

The cost of transportation of goods

Optimal Logistic offers transportation services for construction, agricultural, industrial machinery and marine transport. Depending on the type of unit and distance, as well as several other factors, the cost of shipping may be different.

Freight cost and advantages of cooperation with Optimal Logistic

During transportation, it is necessary to comply with safety rules and all legal regulations. The weight of the cargo may not be proportional to its dimensions, then it is considered heavy, but oversized. Our experienced specialists will be able to calculate the cost of transportation of goods taking into account its features.The cost of cargo transportation per 1 km is calculated depending on the following factors:the

  • destination;
  • departure point;
  • download date and preferred time;
  • necessity of loading equipment of a certain type;
  • weight, length, height and width of objects (most often these parameters are limited to a height of 3 meters, a length of 30 meters and a weight of 20 tons. It is also possible to transport objects in disassembled form, in parts).

to transportation we accept:

    • combines, tractors, sprayers, harvesters, seeders, harrows, cultivators;
    • excavators, cranes and truck cranes, bulldozers, BelAZ, pavers, drilling rigs;
    • crushers, turbines, machines, boilers, tanks, industrial tanks, transformers;
    • boats, sailing and motor yachts, boats, bathyscaphe.

Also, the cost of transportation of goods in Ukraine is different from international transportation. When sending objects to Europe and Central Asia, you should take care of the package of documents. Optimal Logistic has experience in this field and a full staff for complex work.

Advantages of optimal logistics

Our customers can get comprehensive advice and calculation of the cost of transportation, taking into account all the features of a particular cargo and its route. In addition to the qualified service we provide:

  • high-quality and timely execution of orders (we agree in advance the dates and terms for delivery on time);
  • careful and careful attitude to the objects of transportation (we will provide reliable fastening and packaging of parts and equipment to deliver it in the appropriate form);
  • assistance in preparation of documentation and quick response to various changes in the wishes of customers
  • cargo tracking during transportation.

Cooperating with us You will be able to quickly order the necessary service and save your money and time. The cost of transportation of goods we have the most profitable on the market.

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