Transportation of change houses

Transportation of change houses

Bytovokf – mobile temporary home. Almost always used in construction work, as economic or residential premises. The standard size of the trailer: width 2.5 m, length 6 m, height 2.7 m. All that is more considered large and made to order. Upon completion of construction work transportation of cabins is inevitable and therefore have to contact a qualified company.Optimal Logistic Company has been working for a long time and has valuable experience of cargo transportation, even abroad.Classify the temporary structure depending on the purpose and the material from which the blocks are made:

  • Wood ’ used in suburban areas.
  • Metal with steel sheets and frame housing for builders, offices.
  • All metal & ndash;for the storage of household equipment and machinery of small size.

Transport of all types of cabins over long distances

when ordering and processing services, at the agreed time, our employees adjust the crane to the time, load the unit on the car platform, transport and unload themselves.also low-frame trawl is Used, but for this type of transportation it is necessary to order a crane for loading and unloading. It’s going to cost a lot more. The only advantage will be the transportation of two blocks at the same time. The design of low-frame trawl allows for this option.If you need to move on the same territory, you will only have to use a crane manipulator. The price can be calculated directly on the website or contact with representatives of our company. The calculation of the cost of transportation is placed in the appropriate section.

Transportation of oversized cabins: important points

for the safe transport of trailers, our logistics take into account important aspects, among them:

  1. Options of temporary housing, including weight.
  2. Load capacity of transport.
  3. methods of secure attachment (e.g. cables).
  4. Registration of the relevant documents in (traffic police). Small cabins often do not need special permits for transportation.
  5. the Material from which the cars are made blocks.

Transportation cabins require advance preparation:

  • to Remove all the inside – to make furniture and all driving items.
  • clean the Outer surface of the surface from the ground and remove all fasteners (when attaching to the Foundation).
  • Prepare a flat place and remove all unnecessary objects, so that the car could drive as close as possible.
  • take Care of the unloading place, clear the area and prepare a flat ground.

Why you should contact us

Optimal Logistic carrier is one of the largest In Ukraine and delivers goods throughout Europe and Central Asia. Our logisticians will calculate the best route to reduce the cost, the most economical for you. We have all the necessary equipment at our disposal to move objects both at close and long distances. Transportation of construction huts is one of our qualifications.the Firm has experienced drivers. We will issue all the necessary documents in a short time and be sure to insure the design against accidents. Trust us, and we will deliver your trailers in integrity and in safety in the shortest time. Transportation of cabins from optimal logistics & ndash; is a guarantee of high professionalism, affordable cost and the best conditions for continuous cooperation!

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