Transportation of equipment

Transportation of equipment

To transport equipment was safe and comfortable for the price and time spent you should contact Optimal Logistic. We provide high quality transportation services for various construction / agricultural and industrial equipment.

Why to book transport of machinery in optimal Logistik

Our company carries out transportation of these objects without delay taking into account the legislation and requirements. We guarantee that the objects will not be damaged. Respect for the property of customers is one of the basic rules of our work. Experience in logistics allows us to provide these services both in Ukraine and in cities and countries of Europe and Central Asia.We are provided with the following:

  • by road (the company’s Fleet has a trawl for transportation of equipment in a large range);
  • experienced staff specialist (Managers monitor changes in this area of work. They can help with the paperwork to the transportation process took place in accordance with the legislation. Also select the route suitable for all criteria for delivery in due time).

Stages of work and our advantages

At the initial stage, we will calculate the cost of transportation depending on:< / p>

  • point of departure/destination;
  • type of equipment;
  • need for loading /unloading (disassembly/Assembly of units);
  • cargo dimensions (weight, height, width).

Our advantages:

  • extensive geography of services;
  • individual approach (we carry out works taking into account requirements and wishes of clients, during transportation we make necessary adjustments);
  • providing an opportunity to track the cargo.

After calculating the price of the service, we work to ensure that the transportation of equipment is carried out without violations, safely and on time. Contact & ndash; you can order delivery right now!

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