Transportation of equipment

Transportation of equipment

Our company is engaged in transportation of non-standard goods and various equipment for a long time. Transportation of equipment is carried out with the help of special trailers and semi-trailers, which are designed to transport goods of non-standard length, width and height.the Geography of our routes includes Europe, Ukraine and Central Asia. For long-distance transportation we use a wide range of vehicles, starting with standard trucks, large trailers, special telescopic semitrailers, special semitrailers, which are equipped with a combined heavy-duty chassis.By Ordering services from our company, you will receive qualified assistance and execution of orders on time. In addition, you can count on:

  1. Consultations on all interesting moments.
  2. Define the transport route.
  3. Assistance in calculating the cost of transportation.
  4. Selection of suitable transport technology.
  5. Securing the relevant permits in the respective countries.
  6. Technical support.
  7. Documentation and monitoring of the transport process.

Why to order the transportation of equipment is the company optimal logistics

we offer customized transport solutions and an effective combination of different modes of transport. Optimal Logistic is well aware of all possible logistics solutions on the route. This allows us to take all necessary measures to address transportation costs and save money of our customers.Turning to us, you can always count on a professional approach and the most careful attitude to the goods transported. Trust of our regular customers is the most important indicator for us, so we take care of each client individually and strive to be as useful as possible.transportation of non-standard goods — is a special niche even among the best representatives of logistics companies requiring a high share of responsibility and professionalism. We have set a goal for ourselves-to become a preferred service provider based on such criteria as experience, professionalism, efficiency, flexibility, transparency, compliance with commitments and constant adaptation to new requirements.Since the transportation of equipment is a complex task, we employ only professional drivers and managers, and all our cars are equipped with special devices for securing cargo. These include winches, tensioner chains, safety loops and belts.

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