Transportation of heavy machinery

Transportation of heavy machinery

Transportation of heavy equipment must be carried out in accordance with the law and on professional road transport in order to transport the goods safely and securely. Our company optimal logistics is ready to transport any equipment both in Ukraine and in Russia, Europe and Central Asia on the basis of international law.

Transportation of heavy machinery

If the weight of the equipment exceeds 1.5 tons, it is called heavy. This class of cargo includes: bulldozers, tractors, tractors, rooters, cranes, excavators, cable layers, hydraulic shears, concrete breakers, etc.Transportation of heavy machinery is carried out according to the following plan:

  1. drawing up and coordination of the route with local and state authorities.< / li>
  2. paperwork.
  3. Packing and securing the object on the trawl.
  4. support the Organization of.
  5. Permanent control of cargo location.

For the transportation of equipment in our company there are trawls with a capacity of 43, 69 and 96 tons, the shape of the base is different, exactly as the length.


Before you order the transportation service, you can calculate the price by calling our operator on the phone. The calculation of the cost of transportation depends on:< / p>

    • the type of the payload of the towing vehicle;
    • view of the trailing;
    • route;
    • the length of the route;
    • the number of borders to cross.

More accurate information about the service – transportation of heavy equipment can be obtained in the office of our company or by phone. We will be glad to cooperate!

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