Transportation of kiosks

Transportation of kiosks

Transportation of oversized cargo requires a lot of experience and special equipment. Therefore, transportation of kiosks in Ukraine and not only should be carried out exclusively by professionals who have sufficient qualifications. Here you will need a manipulator with parameters that depend on the size of the kiosk, its weight. It is possible to use a truck with a mounted manipulator. This is useful when the goods are transported over short distances. The larger and heavier the object of transportation, the more problems may arise. Optimal Logistic provides a well-chosen team of experienced drivers and managers, clearly performing their work.

Kiosk transportation Safety

Maximum safety During dismantling, lifting and fixing of the transported kiosk to the transportation platform is especially important. Herself disassembly, subsequent installation require accuracy, precision. Often, such actions are carried out in a limited space, where only professionals should work, because incorrectly secured cargo can cause many problems on the road.

The Importance of a maximum disassembly of the object

Kiosk should be completely dismantled before transportation. In this case, it will be much easier to install the disassembled structure on the transportation platform. It will also help to fix the disassembled object more reliably before cargo transportation. The best way to do this is to run the Optimal Logistic command. The possibility of maximum disassembly contributes to a rigid fixation, which helps to minimize the size of the cargo during transportation and minimize unforeseen problems during transportation.

The Export of kiosk for the border

Transport of such heavy and oversized cargo in Europe may require a special transport permit. Therefore, to order transportation, it is important to pay attention to the professionalism of the carrier, his experience. It is also important to correct registration of all documents for the goods, it will save from problems at customs. Our employees have been working in this industry for many years, so the paperwork and full legal preparation for the transportation of the kiosk will help to save time and money.Transportation of kiosks across Central Asia, Europe requires a transportation permit, relevant driver documents. Therefore, it is important to inform in advance that the goods are exported to another country. This will help to reduce the time for the preparation of documents. Calculation of the cost of transportation can be carried out on our website online and as soon as possible to get the final cost of the service, which will not change at the end of the contract. Cooperation with optimal logistics is a guarantee of excellent service and fulfillment of all obligations to the customer!

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