Transportation of large diameter pipes

Transportation of large diameter pipes

Transportation of large diameter pipes is an activity that requires professional approach, special equipment and equipment, as well as appropriate permits.It is more correct to entrust The implementation of such a task to an experienced organization that has the necessary resources for the rapid and high-quality execution of the task. Such an organization is optimal logistics, which offers affordable prices, a full range of related services, and operates in Ukraine, as well as in Europe and Central Asia.

Advantages of transportation of large diameter pipes company optimal Logistik

Along with the General difficulties of transportation of oversized cargo (the need for special equipment, limited availability of infrastructure, obtaining a permit), the transportation of large diameter pipes has its own specifics.Pipes are movable by virtue of their circular cross-section and therefore require special fixing. Otherwise, they may shift, which threatens a coup of the vehicle and an accident. Often there is a need to accompany the cargo crane for loading and unloading. Many types of pipes are coated with corrosion-resistant coatings that can be damaged if handled incorrectly during transport, loading or unloading.Therefore, it is important to entrust the matter to professionals who specialize in this kind of services.Advantages of optimal logistics:

  1. The Company guarantees high-quality performance of the task at affordable prices in compliance with the agreed terms.< / li>
  2. Practices an individual approach to the client, provides protection of his interests and prompt response to possible adjustment of the order.
  3. Has a fleet of modern vehicles, has practice in Europe and Asia.
  4. Keeps Track of the load on the route and round the clock taking care of him.

how to order transportation

You can make a preliminary calculation of the cost of transportation by leaving a request on our website with the main parameters. Contact us on the contacts listed on the site, or activate the call icon. We will develop the best route, and if necessary, we will take care of the registration of the necessary approvals.With the help of optimal Logistik transport of large diameter pipes is carried out quickly and without problems!

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