Transportation of municipal machinery

Transportation of municipal machinery

City of modernity characterized by large populations, producing a large number of domestic waste. In addition, located near the city or directly in it, industrial enterprises also require the rapid export of waste materials. When snow falls, emergency situations also require certain types of municipal equipment. The optimal Logistic company solves the problems of delivery of municipal equipment to the place of operation in Ukraine, Europe, Central Asia. The specifics of the equipment used and the need to use special methods of organization for its transportation force to contact qualified specialists. Transportation of municipal special equipment is carried out by us for a long time at a high professional level. This is evidenced by multiple reviews, an extensive customer base and a well-deserved reputation as the best of the best.Company monitors the changing models of machinery and develops the perfect technologies for its transportation. The customer’s wishes are fulfilled by the optimal Logistic managers to the full extent, there are opportunities for transportation of various types of municipal equipment. In particular, these are such popular and necessary machines as:

  • harvesting;
  • garbage trucks;
  • washing machines;
  • excavators of different types;
  • loading auxiliary transport;
  • sewage machines, etc.

About the service and pricing in transportation and utilities machinery

Set up for progressive cooperation with the customer, the company in addition to a wide range of services also provides a system of discounts for regular customers or in the case of a large order. The site gives a clear idea of the services provided, in addition, works online calculation of the cost of transportation for potential customers. The price of transportation depends on two main parameters – cargo size and travel time of freight transport. By specifying these parameters on the website and sending them, the company’s specialist will contact you in time to clarify the details and announce a specific amount.

About Optimal Logistic reputation among customers

High competition in the market forces us to approach each client individually. All cargo operations are subject to the same requirements: the ability to track the movement of equipment along the route, customer support throughout the transaction and, most importantly, careful care of the cargo, full compliance with obligations.For a Long time the company provides services for the transportation of various types of machinery, including municipal and industrial, has established itself as a responsible contractor.& nbsp; Refer to Optimal Logistic to save your time and equipment safety. Transportation of municipal special equipment will be performed at the highest professional level! You can order the service right now!

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