Transportation of oversized cargo from Europe

Transportation of oversized cargo from Europe

To ensure that your property is delivered safely and on time, you can safely contact optimal logistics. We provide service – transportation of oversized cargo from Europe, as well as from Central Asia or within Ukraine on the most favorable terms.Oversized loads are those whose dimensions in width, height and length exceed, respectively 2,6/4/22 meter. The conditions for transportation are as follows, the object to be transported must not:

  • to restrict the view of the road for the driver;
  • reduce the stability of the vehicle on the road or hinder control;
  • close car lighting, road signs.

Why should you order transportation of oversized cargo from Europe from optimal logistics

We ship to:

  • agricultural machinery;
  • industrial equipment;
  • construction machinery;
  • sea transport of different types;
  • other non-standard units.

Optimal logistics has everything you need for successful transportation:< / p>

  • fleet of special equipment (trawls, low frames, carriage, etc.);< / li>
  • full staff of specialists (we have experienced logisticians who know all the rules of transportation and can choose the best route to transport oversized cargo from Europe and other countries as quickly and profitably as possible. Also here you can order the services of movers.
  • reasonable prices (before delivery, we provide a calculation of the cost of transportation. Payment is charged only for the provision of services in one direction).

Turning to Optimal Logistic You can be sure that the transportation of oversized cargo from Europe will be carried out legally correctly, in a short time and at competitive prices. If you have any questions – will be happy to advise You. Contact phone numbers are listed in the header and Contacts. You also have the opportunity to order a free call. Contact & ndash; we are the best in the logistics market!

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