Transportation of oversized cargoes

Transportation of oversized cargoes

Transportation of massive transport, special equipment and machinery for technical purposes – logistically complex and resource-intensive process. Transportation of oversized cargo involves various technical difficulties and the attendant dangers during the process. The Optimal Logistic company will provide customer with the services of a reliable and safe delivery on my order.

Optimal Logistic – transportation of oversized cargoes of European quality

Delivery of oversized cargo is often carried out using heavy trailers. To achieve maximum efficiency of this process is possible thanks to the coordinated work of the company’s employees. Not only the use of advanced transport technology, but also the prior planning of the route. Optimal Logistic employees will establish contacts and establish an agreement with The state structures of the country (traffic police). Autopark.

Transportation of oversize on special equipment of the reference sample

Technical equipment of the company is one of the main advantages of Optimal Logistic. The fleet is steadily replenished and improved with new models of heavy trucks. We regularly monitor the global innovations in the auto market.Subdivided into several types of tractors, it is accepted to classify on loading capacity:

  • light-20-25 tons;
  • average-40-50 tons;
  • heavy – 50-100 tons.

In addition, the above equipment is distributed according to the height of the cargo area.Purpose of special equipment for oversized transportation services is to deliver specialized units: (tractors, bulldozers, pavers, etc.).), indivisible loads (special equipment, pipes). The list of equipment that we transport, you can find on the main page of the web resource.

Transportation of oversized cargo: the complexity of the process

The Transport of goods under domestic infrastructure and road conditions is a complex process. High-quality, painstaking work of Optimal Logistic employees will allow to receive the order in full safety. After placing the order, the cost of transportation will be calculated with a detailed agreement of the details of interest to the client. The announced price will not change after the execution of our order, which is often the case with other logistics companies.

Oversized transportation Geography

Shipping is valid on the territory of Ukraine, Europe, and Central Asia. A huge, interactive and well-coordinated system will provide cargo delivery in any city of the above regions of the continent. Transportation of oversized has a reasonable and affordable price. The quality of service is characterized by an indicative, truly European approach to work. Transportation of oversized cargoes with optimal Logistik – it’s convenient, fast and available to everyone. Please contact & ndash; you can order the service right now by calling the phone numbers listed on the website or by ordering a free call.

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