Transportation of oversized equipment

Transportation of oversized equipment

Transportation of oversized equipment. Is a process that requires not only specialized equipment, but also the knowledge and skills to transport equipment in accordance with legal and safety regulations. Our optimal logistics company is ready to transport any oversized equipment both within the borders of one country and throughout Europe, Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia in accordance with international standards and in accordance with the legislation of the countries through which transit is made.

all details of transportation of oversized equipment from optimal logistics

Oversized (large) machinery is defined as such devices and mechanisms that are of a large and/or disproportionate size. This category includes:

  • tanks and silos;
  • special road equipment;
  • agricultural machinery
  • equipment for heavy and light industry;
  • drilling rigs;
  • construction cranes.

Transportation of oversized equipment by our company is made with the use of trucks with trawls, capacity and shape of which depends on the shape and weight of the cargo. In our company trawls with a loading capacity of 43, 69 and 96 tons are available, the form of a basis various, exactly, as well as length.

  • type and load capacity of the truck;
  • type of trawl bottom;
  • number of borders to be crossed;
  • special requirements for packaging and fixation.

Transportation of oversized equipment and its price is always negotiated individually. The approximate cost can be found on the phone from our operators before you order the service.

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