Transportation of road equipment

Transportation of road equipment

Transportation of road machinery is a responsible and important issue that should be trusted by real professionals. Organize transportation on their own is difficult, given the fact that most of the machines are attributed to oversized cargo. It is more profitable for the customer to order the service from the transport company, which guarantees timely reliable delivery.

Stages of road transport

Transportation of road construction equipment by Optimal Logistic includes the following steps:

  1. Definition of the characteristics of the transport (quantity and dimensions).< /li>
  2. Selection of vehicle for delivery of road equipment.
  3. Selection of the route taking into account the optimal conditions.
  4. Calculation of transportation cost.
  5. The conclusion of the contract.

Thanks to our own fleet, our company carries out the movement of transport in Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia. A wide range of machines allows the customer to adjust the cost.

Why you should entrust the transportation of road equipment to Optimal Logistic

Transportation of road transport by means of optimal logistics company has a number of advantages:

  • Many Years of experience allows us to carry out transportation of any complexity.
  • We deliver the goods on time.< / li>
  • We Guarantee the safety and integrity of the machines at any stage of delivery.
  • The price of transportation is discussed before signing the contract and remains fixed.
  • The Company has a large fleet of vehicles.
  • We only have qualified employees.
  • We provide free consultations.

We value our customers, so you will be as comfortable as possible to cooperate with us.You can Order the movement of road equipment in any convenient way:

  • by calling one of the numbers listed on the website;
  • contact us via feedback;
  • by contacting our office.

We value our customers and are always focused on long-term cooperation, so the execution of the contract and discussion of details takes a minimum of time. Cooperating with us, the client can be sure and calm, as the transportation of road equipment in safe hands!

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