Transportation of steel structures

Transportation of steel structures

Metal Structures are widely used in the construction of various buildings and infrastructure. Due to the intensive pace of construction of facilities, there is a constant need to move the structure from the manufacturer to the construction site or to remove the dismantled elements from it. Some samples of construction equipment, for example, tower cranes, consist of metal forms, arrows, which also need to be transported with significant dimensions. Transportation of metal structures is a popular service, which our company performs professionally for a long time on the roads of Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia. Non-standard dimensions and the specifics of their use are forced to apply to proven performers. Our experts also monitor new models of trucks and develop optimal strategies for the transportation of steel structures in accordance with the legislation.

About features of transportation of a metalwork

An Important feature of metal structures is their low weight and large dimensions. Most models are collapsible, and it is possible to transport them compactly. Accordingly, when ordering cars, you can save a lot on transport, knowing the way of transportation of a particular type of structures:

  1. To carry a standard weight and size of metal used flatbed car.
  2. Pipe diameter over 160 mm are carried individually, at least – is firmly attached to the platforms in the bundle.

For different categories of steel structures, we use our own unique methods of transportation. In addition, when planning a route, optimal logistics pays attention to the following:

  • Condition of road surface, tunnels, bridges in the traffic area, search for detours in case of repair of roads.
  • Weather Forecast for the time of transportation, no heavy precipitation.

About the service of the company and the calculation of the cost of transport

Transportation of large and heavy metal structures responsible process, starting with the preparation of documentation, elaboration of transport routes and ending with the act of receiving the goods at the destination. Working in the freight market for many years, our company has repeatedly proved the professionalism of the service. Individual approach to customers, clear fulfillment of obligations to them, timely delivery of goods – singled out the company from a number of similar carriers.For those who want to order the transportation of metal works online service on the site, filling out the form and sending, after a time you will answer the Manager and discuss the details of the order and call the price of the upcoming transportation.Optimal Logistic relies on productive cooperation with customers, constantly aware of new trucks. We are a proven and reliable carrier, we guarantee timely and high – quality service-transportation of steel structures on request. We will deliver on time, without delay-contact us!

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