Transportation of the pipelayer

Transportation of the pipelayer

Why service transportation pipelayer should be trusted that is optimal Logistik? Laying, repair work and disassembly of pipelines require such special equipment as pipe layers. This equipment is transferred daily to the most remote areas, because there are a huge number of gas pipelines and according to statistics, every year there are several accidents per thousand kilometers. Apart from the fact that periodically need to carry out preventive maintenance. So the movement of such equipment is a very relevant service. If You need transportation pipelayers, contact the company optimal Logistik the right decision.highly Skilled professionals of the company optimal Logistik carry out the provision of services for the effective transfer of pipelayers for a short time. Our vast experience and fleet of vehicles allows you to transport oversized cargo to any point of Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia in the pre-agreed terms, which is extremely important for any client.As is known, oil and gas are produced in the Northern regions, so pipelayers are used in very harsh conditions. The temperature there can drop to fifty degrees below zero. Most models have caterpillars that allow them to move in the tundra and through marshy areas. The width of the equipment at the same time increases, which makes the transfer of the machine more difficult.The huge dimensions of pipe layers are usually reduced by the removal of arrows and counterweights. This is done by a crane. But even after the procedure, pipe layers remain oversized cargo, which has an impressive weight.

Pipe-laying order

Our company has extensive experience in the transportation of pipe layers in Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia. You can make a calculation of the cost of transportation and order the service directly on our website. You will be contacted by our representative and you will know the price of transportation.We guarantee:

  • execute the order qualitatively;
  • deliver the equipment on time;
  • take an individual approach to each situation and observe your interests;
  • issue the accompanying papers;
  • promptly respond to changes in your wishes;
  • track the transportation process;
  • take care of the cargo.

Cooperation with Optimal Logistic > is interaction with a team of highly qualified specialists, which does its job quickly, efficiently and reliably. Transportation of pipe-laying machine with us is fast, convenient and always on time!

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