Transportation tatuirovannykh machines

Transportation tatuirovannykh machines

Transportation of sidewalk harvesters has special requirements, as this type of transport is related to large-size cargo. Transportation is usually carried out on a low cargo platform called a low frame or a trawl. Loading is carried out on a fenced area, using special lifting devices, evenly distributing the load on the axis of transport, with the obligatory fixation to the platform. The load should not weigh more than the lifting capacity of the trawl.

The success of the transportation tatuirovannykh machines

The Process will be successful if you consider the following:

  • in what state are the roads;
  • possibility of detour of additional sites, impassable places;
  • performance characteristics of bridges;
  • available pipelines, high-voltage communications;
  • availability of gas stations, car service points.

Why you should use the services of optimal logistics

Transporting large machines is a difficult task. The purpose of our company is to offer customers the most convenient delivery options, ensuring stability, quality of commitments.Always seek

  • qualitatively, as accurately as possible to fulfill the order;
  • taking into account the interests of clients, to seek an individual approach to each of them;
  • to react promptly if the client changes his wishes;
  • monitor the progress of traffic;
  • take care of the goods.

Routes and service cost calculation

The performance of the carriage tatuirovannykh machines is held firm by:

  • all Ukraine;
  • almost all European countries;
  • to all Central Asian republics.

It is possible to Calculate the cost of transportation, taking into account the following components:

  • in what terms the delivery should be made;
  • how much cargo is transported;
  • availability of special conditions;
  • at what distance is the final delivery point.

With this in mind, the price for the service

Details about the service – transportation of sidewalk harvesters, as well as about the prices can be found by going to our company’s website. You can order delivery right now. Call us!

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