Transportation of turbines

Transportation of turbines http://optimal-logistic.comTurbines are used in processing plants, power plants. Their work allows you to generate energy. At the same time, the transportation of turbines to an enterprise is complicated by the fact that each unit of such equipment has individual dimensions. Therefore, delivery is evaluated in each case in different ways. Such transportation of the turbine is carried out by a new special transport, which passed a thorough technical inspection.

Geography of the service

The turbine is moved across Ukraine, including mountainous regions with a complex terrain. Visits are made to the countries of Central Asia, Europe. Delivery from any European country to Central Asia is possible, and vice versa. Everything depends on the tasks set by the client.

Transportation of turbines and its features

Specify the features of the service provided. They affect the cost of transportation of the turbine:

  • It is important to take into account the length of the path to the end point. Fuel costs are included in the cost in the first place.
  • Logists of the company assess the condition of roads, repair on certain sites. In addition, the calculation of the cost of services involves the inclusion of fees for the use of highways.
  • We need to assess the terrain, the presence of obstacles in the form of bridges, transmission lines and so on.

Exact calculation based on the evaluation of all factors of delivery of the turbine makes it possible to choose the best offer. Therefore, the price does not require large-scale spending. It will be based on the actual state of things, will not grow during the execution of the order. Customers Optimal Logistic do not have to overpay over the agreed amount.

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